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How to Create Lifelong Habits

Making healthy decisions is important, but it’s taking those decisions and developing them into lifelong habits that will truly transform your life. Here are some tips to create lifelong healthy habits! Think about your why. Creating new habits can be difficult at first, especially when you’re working to change behaviors you’ve had for years. [...]

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How to Improve Your Sleep

It may seem like we talk about sleep a lot here at Yoli. We’ve talked about it terms of weight loss. We’ve talked about it in terms of your cardiovascular health and your immune system. We’ve talked about the ways it helps with your productivity, mental focus, and ability to cope with stress. The reason [...]

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How Your Diet Affects Your Mood

Most people focus solely on how their diet can affect their physical health, but it can also impact your emotional health. Today, we’re going to discuss how your diet affects your mood! How Your Diet Affects Your Mood Food may be, at its most basic level, fuel, but what you choose to eat has a [...]

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The Importance of Gut Health

As you work to transform your life physically, it’s important to consider multiple aspects of your health. Today, we’re going to focus on one of the most important aspects of your physical wellbeing: your gut health! Gut Health One of the most obvious reasons that your gut health matters is that healthy digestion is [...]

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Alkalete Explained Spotlight

At Transform 2018: Imagine, we released our brand-new Alkalete Explained video, and we couldn’t be any more excited about it. Alkalete is a key part of the Better Body System, so it’s important to understand what it does. That’s why today’s blog is all about Alkalete Explained! Alkalete Explained Alkalete is designed to promote [...]

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Product Spotlight: Resolve

At Transform 2018: Imagine, we announced our newest product, Resolve, and it was a huge hit. It’s the newest part of our Transformation Kit, so it’s going to be an important part of the Better Body System. Today, we’re going to talk about Resolve and how it can help you transform your life! Resolve Resolve [...]

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Transform 2018: Imagine – Recap

We just wrapped up Transform 2018: Imagine, and it was one of our best events ever! Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make it so incredible. In addition to world-class training, networking, and tons of fun with Yoli Nation throughout Transform 2018: Imagine, we made a LOT of announcements. For everyone who couldn’t [...]

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Diamond VIP Trip 2019 – Panama

Get ready for one of our most exciting Diamond adventures ever. In the summer of 2019, our Diamond VIP Trip will take us to the beautiful Westin Playa Bonita resort in Panama, and all Diamonds and above are invited to join us! We’ll post more details as they come, so stay tuned! [...]

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